Christmas Gifts Galore

What to do, what to do? Being on a tight budget and having a short amount of time to buy things. So many people to gift and so many choices. Every year I generally just get gift cards and such. But last year I made cookies. Although they were pretty plain-looking they were a hit. This year I will be more adventurous and make a multitude of cookies and treats.

While scouring the internet I found many recipes and photos of cookies and baked goods that would do well as gifts. I figured I could make some of my cookies in a smaller form and give that out.

So this year I have figured out that I will be making 3 different treats, never-mind I meant 4 different treats and place them in a party bag to give out as a gift.



  • Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispy Treats


  • Orange Cream Drop Cookies’


This should only take the day to make all the treats. I generally like to bake in the morning so that I can allow the baked goods to cool off completely by the time I finish cleaning. Now this year I have a dog to take care of so the baking process took a bit longer to finish off than I had anticipated. But in the end they turned out really easy and budget friendly to make for the Christmas holidays.