Simple and Tasty Appetizer

After finishing up a busy day I felt pretty hungry, but super lazy as well. While scouring the kitchen I came upon ingredients that I have used to make my Turkey Artichoke Panini. Well with a slight difference of bread and without any turkey. But anyways I really did not feel like spending time on pressing pans down and such. So instead I opted to make an open-faced type of sandwich. Which turned into an appetizer-like dish instead.

So for ingredients:

  • 1 Roma tomato, thinly sliced rounds
  • 1/2 cup spinach artichoke dip, heated until hot
  • 1/2 baguette, sliced at an angle

Step 1: Toast the bread slices until golden brown around the edges.

Step 2: Take bread out and generously top with the spinach artichoke dip

Step 3: Top with a fresh slice of tomato


Grilling Oysters

My dad bought a box full of oysters last night. So we had to use them soon. Dad decided to grill them. I can’t really give you a recipe for it this time since I’m not sure on how to grill oysters, but I can show you the process.

We will be using a charcoal grill to grill the oysters.

Step 1: Heat the charcoal until they become white hot (20-30 minutes)

Step 2: Place the oysters on the grill

Step 3: Cover and cook until they open

Step 4: Remove from heat

Step 5: Shuck the shells and serve